Should cultured / clean meat research be done openly in an academic context or in private with VC money?

Interviewer: From a science and research perspective, do you think that that is a bad thing when private companies are conducting [cultured meat] research that is not necessarily shared [to protect a competitive advantage] or is that a good thing in terms of having more investors put more money towards the research?

Peter Verstrate, CEO of Mosa Meat: I think it’s a bit of both but I would tend to think that I would have liked the research to be a little bit more open source for a little bit longer. It’s actually quite early days yet. And in general it’s better in this stage of a development that is so technical, and so — well fundamental maybe not — but so early days, that the research would still be open source and more in the traditional scientific realms. On the other side, I’m sure there’s something of a race going on in the background with some of those boys out there who want to be the first and that can be a very good driver as well to come to great results. So it’s a bit of both.

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