Some interesting content from New Harvest’s newly re-launched website

New Harvest re-launched their website today, featuring a complete redesign, new logo, and a lot of new content.

Below are some pieces of content that I found especially interesting in the context of my recent assessment of the cultured animal product space.

1. This selection from New Harvest’s history of cultured meat explains a false start that occurred in establishing a cultured meat community in 2008 and speaks to its fragility (which is one of the key reasons I think the field is so important to fund right now).

In 2007, New Harvest began collaborating with the Europe-based In Vitro Meat Consortium. Stig William Omholt of Norway played a key role in the development of the Consortium, whose mission was “to promote scientific excellence and to coordinate and fund research contributing to the establishment of competitive alternatives to conventional meat production.” On April 9, 2008, the Consortium put on the First International In-Vitro Meat Symposium, which took place at the Norwegian Food Research Institute in Norway. Unfortunately, the Consortium dissipated shortly after due to a lack of funding dedicated to cultured meat.

2. New Harvest is advertising both their seed granting program (to inspire research in labs) and their fellowship program (to get more students into the field). I hope they get a lot of inquiries about each.

3. Why isn’t the field of cellular agriculture well-funded? This FAQ entry provides New Harvest’s take on why this field, which we true believers think has so much potential, isn’t well funded.

Related to the above, the question was recently posted on Facebook as to why philanthropy is required for cultured meat development. Some of us shared thoughts on this.

The whole New Harvest website is worth clicking through, and their upgraded email newsletter is worth subscribing to. The email newsletter they sent today said they’ll use it to provide weekly updates with the latest on cultured animal products.