Tennis balls without wool felt

Tennis balls usually contain some amount of wool in the felt. The following are responses to inquiries I made to companies about the felt composition.

Gamma sells non-pressurized practice balls without felt. The other major ball manufacturers I contacted sell only foam training balls or palls suitable for padel.

I strongly encourage you to make your own inquiries corroborating the following and asking more fine-grained questions about whether the balls are vegan. Please let me know if you hear something different!

Yes — Selling fully synthetic felt tennis balls

Gamma — Results of two different inquiries.


None of our tennis balls contain wool.


We have two different types of ball compositions. Our Bag-O-Balls and Bucket-O-Balls are polyester felt and our Pro Practice balls are a nylon non-woven felt.

No — Not selling tennis balls without wool

Prince (2018.07.03)

Unfortunately, Prince does not make an balls without wool. All balls have some percent as part of the felt.

Head / Penn (2018.07.03)

[O]ur QST 36 Foam Junior Tennis Ball’s do not contain wool.

Tecnifibre (2018.07.03)

The only balls we produce without any wool are for Padel use only (reference is Padel Team), not for tennis use.