Two small items: Well-meaning VCs and possible benefit of self-driving cars

  1. Kholsa Ventures won’t sell out to big meat
  • From Beyond Meat’s history: “[Ethan] Brown [Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat] met with three venture capital firms and came away with three offers. He chose Khosla Ventures because he felt Vinod Khosla best grasped the urgency of the problem, and because Khosla agreed that the company could never be sold to the meat industry, which could have made it disappear for pocket change, eliminating the competition.” (Emphasis added.)
  1. This is promising to hear for those of us who worry that animal-product alternative development could be stymied as was the electric car.
  2. Autonomous vehicles may mean fewer animals are killed by automobiles
  3. Google says their cars have been dodging deer and a article reports that other larger animals may be identified as concerns on the level with pedestrians. Let’s hope that the future versions of these vehicles take care of smaller animals as well. Apparently, Ford and Tesla (as of a 9.16.2016 VentureBeat publication) are not yet able to recognize squirrels.