Rearview Mirror 2015

It is late. 2016 has started. I am starting to write a rearview post right now. This is a question on punctuality and priorities. I have messed up in both. Towards the very end of last year, kind folks at WordPress sent me the statistics of my blog. I realised, that this blog does not have a lot of readership. Why? I wish I could have a direct answer to that question. But I don’t. If I am held at a gunpoint, I can, at least, think of two reasons. My mediocre writing style and the way I approach a post. My posts are not well intended for a specific audience. Those are mostly expressions of experiences. Those are for me.

Since I have narrowed it down to this, I must think of ways to improve upon. Clearly I see two things I must do. Read and write often to keep improving, and write for me. Not for an audience. Going by the Karmanyevadhikaraste teaching… Wait. This is digression this post can’t handle. So at least about writing, these are the resolutions, let me look back at the year now.

Lack of punctuality and laziness plagued me again. Even after a lot of sincere resolutions. I started lot many things for myself. I started writing regularly, about the content I read online. You can find some of the posts on this blog as well. That eventually stopped. But I started few other things. Regularly writing about movies and music that I enjoy.

This year I consolidated the Information Architecture of this site. Earlier, I had many subdomains for my blog. Each had its own WordPress installation. All that was getting heavy for the blog. So I moved to a single WordPress installation and introduced categorization. After numerous tries, I finalised the theme with a few changes here and there. Overall, it was a learning experience. Google still continues to reject my AdWord applications, hard luck.

This year went pretty fast. I went on a Goa trip in April, and then today I still recall it vividly as it happened yesterday. It was indeed a good one but since I didn’t have any significant other, I keep recalling the same. Some bad, some good.

In June, I attended my first Quora meet up. I was not much regular on Quora before, but that interaction got me interested about the platform. It gave me some really good friends too. Life was really stuck up at a point for long. Those meetups and the people I met refreshed my respect and affection towards life. And Serendipity too.

I completed my first year of MBA. Earned a diploma in management, nothing much worth recording on the career front. I got myself a laptop and a kindle though. Few more pennies spent on materialistic possessions. Albeit, for the experiences indeed.

Overall, the year wasn’t that bad. I had much more hopes from it though. It all boils down to my inaction and laziness. If only I could move my ass and start working. Yeah, I did pay for a gym membership. In this year, I hope I learn to MOVE!

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