Seizure Now

In 2014, John Oliver commented on the way our news channels covered the elections. ‘That is a seizure-inducing amount of information on that screen’ he said. He was right.

Just saw Times now covering the Guetta concert cancellation. They are urging us to tweet using the Hashtag, #GuettaGagged. If that is not odd see how they are telling you that. The letters are zooming out from the center of the screen to their places on the right side of the already moving video.Like some sort of digital scrabble. I remember using something similar in my college presentation. I was heavily reprimanded by the external examiner. Holster your creativity, he said.

I suddenly remembered Oliver saying that and took a step back. I tried filtering out the text and just tried to focus on the moving parts on the screen. My God that was was truly crazy. The Breaking Now tag is some sort of moving tesseract style glass prism. The words breaking and now fly from opposite sides of the screen and the word Now tumbles ahead towards the screen like a waterfall. This keeps happening at around 30 seconds each.

I remember ‘breaking news’ was reserved for Richter 7 and above earthquakes, JFK assassination, Japan tsunami, Hurricane Katrina etc. etc. Guetta concert getting canceled is NOT a Breaking Now moment. To top it off the anchors are fast and almost screaming. Watching the news shouldn’t be draining you completely.

This reminds me of the metaphor of the boiling frog. From Loksabha TV to DD News to Times Now, things just keep escalating and I am not even talking about the crime news reporting program which happens every night.

In an attempt to be more vivid than the next channel, each news broadcasting media went on an overdrive. We are so accustomed to that sort of news reporting that it has stopped bothering us. Until we take a pause, visit a doctor and then she tells us, guys, you should meditate in the morning for at least 15 mins.

Anyone listening? I guess I should stick to DD News.