Announcing World Interaction Design Day 2019: Trust and Responsibility

Lindsay Munro
Feb 11 · 3 min read

Last year, the global design community came together at 90+ events in over 37 countries to celebrate the first-ever World Interaction Design Day. I woke up on the morning of September 25th to social media posts about events that had already taken place, and I went to bed that night while events were still happening. It was nothing short of incredible.

Thousands of people attended events, listened to talks, participated in workshops, tuned in online, and discussed how to create positive, long-lasting effects on the world around us.

This wouldn’t have been possible without a ton of support. Not just from the leadership team at Adobe who gave us support and resources to fund so much, but also from our other supporting partner organizations including Creative Mornings, AIGA, Ladies That UX and SoDA. Most importantly though, there’s absolutely no way we could have pulled this off without the tireless efforts of Brenda Sanderson, the executive director of IxDA, and the IxDA local leaders who planned and hosted events. I’m thrilled we get to do this all over again!

I’m proud to announce that once again we’ll be hosting World Interaction Design Day in partnership with IxDA on September 24, 2019. This year’s theme is Trust and Responsibility.

Once again we are thrilled to also have the support of industry organizations, and we’ve also engaged a committee of design leaders from across the world who have, and will continue to, lend their support and expertise.

Trust and responsibility

Last year, we invited all designers, developers, academics, researchers, employers, partners, and anyone who makes products and services to host activities in their local communities to explore issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in design. This year, we invite you to explore another important and challenging topic in design: trust and responsibility.

Design operates at the intersection of the humanities and technology. Humanity entrusts the work of designers in order to function in modern society. With increasing reliance on their work, is an increasing, and ethical, responsibility for designers to put their user’s needs first.

Emerging technologies like AR, VR, Voice, and AI only further complicate matters of trust in design, as we tap deeper into fundamental issues of communication and human relationships.

This year’s theme challenges the interaction design community to explore trust and responsibility in their work, workplace, communities, and beyond.

How to get involved

The best way to get involved as a host or attendee is to visit our website and sign up for email updates, which will let you know exactly when you can list your event and tap into IxDD’s promotional resources to help spread the word.

We look forward to making an impact with you on September 24th!

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Originally published at on February 11, 2019.

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Thinking Design by Adobe

Stories and insights from the design community.

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