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Thinking Is Dumb


I Wrote Some Limericks

Photo by yeongkyeong lee on Unsplash

There once was a man who wrote limericks.

He fantasized he could make some bucks.

It was earning shit.

No one liked his wit.

He then realized: “Readers…



Thinking Is Dumb is a place for fun. Sarcasm, humor, and funny are allowed. Satire is welcome. Here is a place to be silly. No ‘How To’ is allowed. This pub will remain a laughingstock. We tolerate self-loathing and deprecation for belly laughs only. No hating allowed.

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Pretheesh Presannan

Panic Attack Survivor. Just writing. Plays cricket. Design&Develop. You can find short stories, poems, humor, and nonfiction here. Gmail: