Colleges — Turning the Tide

Colleges are finally realizing they have a huge problem to solve: the college admission process. Why? Because the entire process is nonsensical and it’s harming our students. Recently, we have seen several articles addressing all the changes colleges want to implement, so here are two of the articles if you want to understand the changes better.

These are part one and part two of what is supposed to be a three-part series. I’m still waiting for the last post to be published.

I welcome the changes but I also think this is not enough. It is a good start. I have plans to write more on this topic because I believe the whole concept of college, and its admissions process, are at the center of a lot of resistance we face in trying to reform education. So more on that later.

Learning in focus — If we don’t talk about college, the big elephant in the room, it’s going to be very hard to bring about significant changes in education.