No to Excuses. Yes to Solutions.

Image: Jessica Hagy

About a month ago I saw this image pop up on my twitter feed. It is self-explanatory, like most of the work of Jessica Hagy. There is a certain simplicity and brilliance in her illustrations that it is just magical. Here is a great description of her work, taken from her website:

Her style of visual storytelling allows readers to draw their own conclusions
and to actively participate in each narrative. “Her images don’t always tell
us what to think; quite often, they elegantly offer us ideas to think about.”

You should also check out more of her work at

As it is usually the case, this image made me think about schools and education. I don’t have to say much…you get the picture. When it comes to education, constraints are abundant and we quickly run into walls of non-negotiables. The final result? More excuses. We want our students to be creative problem-solvers, meanwhile, we are very hesitant to be one ourselves.

I do understand that there are some tough problems in education with no easy or quick solutions — more reason why the need to be creative. We need to stop dissuading teachers from being creative and taking risks. It’s time we stop with the excuses.

Learning in focus — Be creative. Take risks. Stop giving excuses.