The Best Day of School (According to my Son)

My son has been going to school since he was one year old; he is about to turn eight this summer. School is starting to get real for him — homework, tests, quizzes, worksheets, and lots of other activities/classes that keep him busy during the day. As we approach summer break, he has been very clear about how much he loves summer. For him, it means no school. Freedom.

Just a couple of months ago, I was walking back home with him when he said: “Daddy, tomorrow is the best day of school. I’m so excited.” I was curious, so I asked why. “Because we have a field trip and I don’t have to do worksheets.”

I think I can empathize with him. When I was a kid, I wasn’t particularly enamored with school either. There are so many things that kids are “supposed” to learn in school that little time is left for playing, for being a child. Children these days are overscheduled and stressed. They have due dates as early as kindergarten and they already know the meaning of grades. It is no wonder that the best day of school is the day you get to go outside to explore — no tests or worksheets, just you and your friends exploring. Why can’t school be more like that?

Learning in focus — Schools need to be fun. I want my son to enjoy school and not hate it. Ah — we also need to do away with those damn worksheets.

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