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Learning to lead in the time of COVID-19

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Framing the term

Soft power is the ability to attract and co-opt, rather than coerce. It involves shaping the preferences of others through appeal and attractiveness. There are many concepts of power that leaders adopt. Soft power is one of the many techniques used by leaders to motivate, inspire and push their teams to get the job done. A clear distinction can be made between the various strategies that leaders adopt. These differences are crucial to the understanding of soft power, application in the practical sense, utility of the concept and how it can be used by leaders to achieve their objectives.

Soft vs hard power


Teaching the next generation

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Teaching our children about sustainability will give them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, plan for the future, and maintain a healthier planet. Children need to know that the environment provides support for all life on our planet and therefore must not be neglected.

“The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food, water and air. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.”

-David Attenborough

4 reasons why you should teach your children about sustainability.


When you teach your children…

Submission requirements

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Our brand

Thinking Movement is a community of people who are believers is pursuing worthy causes. Our aim is to present insights, strategies and solutions that will bring about change, improvement and growth in the community that we live in. Content that we publish must be original, unique and high in quality. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Self-help

2. Sustainability

3. Social Justice

4. Inclusion

5. Mental Health

6. Data Science

Stories published by Thinking Movement are owned by the author. Writers may remove stories from our publication at their discretion. …

It will help you in your career

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1. There is still a lot to learn

There are loads of things that law school does not teach you. You may be highly proficient at doing legal research and writing but your potential will be limited if you do not pick up soft skills that are needed to help you progress further in your career. It is the lack of such skills that result in many law graduates feeling frustrated, angry and dissatisfied with their jobs. Communication, time management and being able to pick up social cues are just some examples. Other than soft skills, greater awareness, knowledge and experience of the world are also needed for…

Jumpstart your life

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My predicament

I was once in a terrible situation. I left my old job because I did not like the environment that I was in and realized that I needed to seek out new opportunities, expand my horizons and explore what is out there. I was previously myopic in my world-view and only focussed my attention on a few things that I thought, mattered the most. My job, being the highest-ranked on that list. After two weeks of sitting at home, catching up on my favourite TV shows and experimenting in the kitchen with different recipes that I always wanted to try…

Quick and easy ways to re-energize

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Exercise has always been the most effective way for me to clear my mind, get some fresh air and just relax especially after a hard day at the office going through tonnes of papers, emails and attending meetings. I feel like I am stretched to my limit on a daily basis and exercise just gives me some time to calm my mind and focus on my own thoughts and emotions. I find this to be very important because each new day is different and having clarity of thought is essential to maintaining my productivity and sense of well-being. What is…

Combine two of your passions

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If you want to build a portfolio of sports-related articles and content, you are going to have to be ready to slog it out. Sportswriting is no easy task. Take note that being a die-hard sports fan or avid athlete does not automatically qualify you as someone who has the potential to become a sportswriter. Sorry folks. However, if you are really interested or are already involved in what goes on behind the scenes, the business of sport and how sport impacts and influences lives, then sportswriting is certainly for you. …

A poem for the uncertain times

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I turn up the volume to listen to the news

The world is paying its dues

We have killed and we have slaughtered

Without any hesitation, like it never mattered

For the innocent, for the weak

For the living beings that do not speak

Our behaviour we have to alter

Before our very own lives start to falter

No more lies, no more scams

We live in an alternate dimension where no one cares

Let me tell you something, a thought you must spare

Face it, there is a monster out there

We live not in a time of peace

A runner’s journey

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The runner’s soul aches for the long and winding road,

The challenge is his abode,

What he sees and what he hears,

Advancing in age, through the years,

Placing one foot in front of the other,

Fast as lightning with passion, roaring like thunder,

The runner’s time on the long and winding road is limited,

But he is not restricted,

Attacking the head-on wind like a ferocious tiger,

Wanting nothing but to conquer,

Will the runner find his way back?

Ablaze like a fire, the runner’s instincts ignite,

As he finds no other,

But only the path that leads to…

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