How to be The World’s Greatest Freestyle Rapper

Pick any words or phrases and Chris will work it into a freestyle rap. Seriously, we tried to trip him up with Jethro Tull’s Seed Drill — and failed.

Chris Turner was the final speaker at this year’s Thinking Digital Conference and his goal was to introduce improvisation and the importance of being ‘in the moment’, rather than trying to think too far ahead.

Thinking ahead is the enemy of freestyle rap — Chris Turner

Chris is not your a-typical freestyle rapper however, he has been doing it since he was 12 years old. On his love for the genre Chris says ‘it forces you to operate at the edge of what you’re capable of — and that’s where innovation exists’

Things really do rhyme with Orange.

Chris’s number one tip was practice. If we are to believe Anders Ericsson, Malcolm Gladwell and co, then it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Chris revealed that for many years no to hone his incredible skill he will practice while on auto-pilot, doing every day tasks where he can assign his brain power to rap and rhyme.

And you can try it yourself next time you’re in the shower:

  • Pick something you see on the windowsill and rap about it
  • If you have a glass shower, draw a letter of the alphabet and rap word that begin with that.

You can watch Chris’s full double performance and advice here:

For the rest of 2017, Chris returns to Edinburgh with What a Time to be Alive, about his recent move to America. As well as being nominated for Best Comedy at Perth Fringeworld 2017, the show received 4½ stars for its ‘massive punchlines’ in the Australia Times and the West Australiandubbed him ‘the thinking man’s comedian’.

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