“A Hacker’s Story” at Google’s Campus London podcast

Lizzie Hodgson
Jun 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Here’s the latest Podcast — a Q&A session from our “Hacker’s Story” screening at Google’s Campus London in April 2018.


On the panel we had:

Jake Davis: Ex-Anonymous and LulzSec hacker, and now cyber security expert, security writer and head of hacking at SPYSCAPE museum in NYC.

DC Andy Chapman: Met Police — Cyber Prevent Team

Members of the audience ranged from young people (interestingly, predominantly young female coders at primary and secondary school) to hackers, human rights activist and educators as well as generalists.

It should also be noted that we had in the audience Laurie Love. In early 2018 Lauri won a landmark decision by the Court of Appeal not to be extradited to face hacking charges in the US.

However, he now faces the prospect of a trial in the UK, under the Computer Misuse Act, for allegedly working with others to break into computer systems belonging to the US government.

Laurie ignited a discussion about how can young people better explore hacking environments in a safe and open way, plus asked how can we strengthen the bonds between the State and hackers? Can we create a more meaningful trust?

The podcast has some really important discussions on pathways into legitimate hacking as well as:

  • How to take early intervention and how ex-offenders could be a huge use to wider society and industry
  • GDPR
  • Why the Computer Misuse Act needs to be updated
  • The role of Russia and China in hacking
  • Hackers hacking hackers
  • Why getting the best hacking trophy from school should be a viable educational route
  • Jake’s take on Backtrace Security — a 2011 group made up of individuals who formerly counted themselves as part of Anonymous’ loose digital collective, but instead published identifying information on active members of Anonymous (CONTEXT: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42166328/ns/technology_and_science-security/t/ex-anonymous-members-plan-tell-all/)
  • The positive impact of National Cyber Crime Unit PREVENT team — and how it is a global trailblazer.

We also had questions from the audience for the panel including:

  • What makes a good hacker? Passion? Intelligence? Being on the autistic spectrum?
  • How does hacking make you feel!!?(with some help from Laurie Love)
  • MPs hacking other MPs sites… what can we learn?
  • And is it Jake Davis in the Anonymous mask!!?



Please note this recording has been edited for time and context.


Humanising the impact of technology

Lizzie Hodgson

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Humanising the impact of technology