Fox News Contributor Defends Armed Occupation Of Government Building By Militants


On Saturday, a group of heavily armed anti-government militia members, including three members of the notorious Bundy family, seized a government building in Oregon. They are still occupying the building and say they are prepared to stay “for years.”

But according to Fox News Contributor Deneen Borelli, any criticism of these actions is the result of dishonesty by the “the left-wing media.” During the segment, which aired Monday morning, the chyron on Fox News was “DEBATE SPARKED OVER WHETHER MILITIA IS TERRORIST GROUP OR PATRIOTIC.”

Borelli vigorously defended the militia, saying their actions were the result of “government gone wild” and people “trying to save save their property.”

Nothing like the left-wing media using opportunity to really cloud the instance that is going on in Oregon to confuse people and that is what the left-wing media does… What people need to understand what is going on in Oregon, it is really an overgrowth of government. Government gone wild is outreach [sic] of government. You have these individuals who are trying to save their property, save their ranch because the overrun of government is not doing that. Government own as substantial amount of property in the west. These individuals were trying to save their property.

Borelli’s factual description of the events is totally false. The individuals occupying the building were not trying to “save their property.” They were protesting the government incarcerating two other ranchers, Dwight and Steven Hammond, for committing arson on government property. The Hammond’s oppose the occupation and plan on surrendering to authorities and serving their sentence.

Borelli went on to describe the militia members, who are heavily armed and said they are prepared to die to retain control of property they do not own, as “peaceful.”

“People just want to be left alone,” Borelli said.

The Associated Press initially described the armed occupation with the headline “Peaceful Protest Followed By Oregon Refugee Action.”

Several Republican presidential candidates have been outspoken supporters of the Bundy family, who are leading the militia occupation. Since the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge they have been silent.