Nevada Caucus Workers Decked Out In Trump Gear


By Aaron Rupar and Alice Ollstein

HENDERSON, NV — Volunteers at a number of Nevada caucus sites are wearing Donald Trump gear while working Tuesday night’s chaotic GOP presidential caucus in Nevada, a contest Trump is widely expected to win.

Nevada State Assembly member Stephen Silverkraus, manager of the Green Valley High caucus site, initially thought volunteers were prohibited from wearing apparel of that sort, but after calling his party’s headquarters, told ThinkProgress they’re are allowed to “wear or hold” campaign gear as long as they don’t “distribute” it.

A number of other people reported seeing the same thing at other sites:

The only poll workers at Green Valley High who could be seen wearing candidate gear were those wearing pro-Trump items.

Wayne Thorburn, a volunteer for the Rubio campaign who traveled from Texas to help monitor this election, said he was dismayed to learn that volunteers could legally sport Trump gear.

“It’s a shock to me,” he told ThinkProgress. “When we have primaries, you can’t even have a button when you’re voting, let alone [wear it while] working. This is all new to me, that you can do that.”


After images of poll workers wearing Trump gear began to circulate on social media, the Nevada GOP tweeted that there’s no rule prohibiting them from doing so: