Nginx Certbot Docker

nginx + certbot + docker-compose

Quick Intro: Generating SSLs using docker, docker-compose, Nginx & certbot.

Note: In a single certbot command it always generates a single certificate for all the domains listed inside.

# You may specify multiple domains with -d and obtain and
# install different certificates by running Certbot multiple times:
here is the doc

Here is the docker-compose file. Look at the command given to certbot that has multiple subdomains for which we need to generate the certificates for.

→ Use the below nginx.conf file to generate the certs:

→ Add the server blocks once generated as to the above conf file to use the SSLs and also the redirect.

→ Renew Certs

cat <(crontab -l) <(echo “@monthly docker-compose run — rm certbot renew”) | crontab -

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