Vue JS, Paypal! Playing Together.

🚲 This article is intended to quickly show how to retrieve the PayPal button inside Vue JS Typescript enabled projects.

👉 Focus on the method “loadPaypal()”

The above code renders the screen that looks like in the below screenshot.

First time load. Paypal script is not loaded yet.
Once Expanded, here is how it looks like with the buttons loaded.

👉 Points to note from the below Script.

  1. Clicking on the PayPal header will load the PayPal script on a method call loadPaypal()
  2. By that time the DIV container is already available in the DOM.(<div id=”paypal-button-container”></div>), where the buttons will render into.
  3. Used the LoadScript Plugin to load the script.
  4. Use the “Vue.prototype” to get the loader reference.
  5. Attributes for script tag can be passed as an object in the second parameter.

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