Could Cupid’s Arrow Get Humans To Finally Wake?

If I had Cupid’s Arrow — Writing Competition

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2 min readFeb 15


Sebastiano Ricci, Venus and Cupid (c.1700) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I had a dream — so vivid and so clear
It felt so real! Let me tell you it my dear
Seated high in the sky, gazing down below
I saw hearts of men, sad as a weeping willow

A voice within asked me of what I saw
If I could make the cold hearts of men thaw
I said, “I would but the task for me is too great
How on earth would I manage to carry all this weight?”

A long pause ensued, keeping me in suspense
Then finally these words were uttered, so intense
“With Cupid’s Arrow, this task will be less immense
Just point and shoot to activate their Highest Sense.”

I gazed down below, aware of what was at stake
Could Cupid’s Arrow get humans to finally wake?
Indeed, indeed, change is definitely in the cards
Returning spirituality back into human hearts

Four words reverberated deep within my core
Filled with energies that would make every man roar
A flash appeared, the words became illuminated
Hike! Play! Dance! Sing!— the chant consecrated

I slung Cupid’s Arrows in all directions painted
And watched as each of the energies finally landed
When all arrows took residence in their designated space
Words ushered from my being spoke of blessings and grace:

“With dawn comes the sun rise, a great time to Hike
Connecting with nature to remember we’re all alike
As midday breaks, you know it’s time to Play
Joy and curiosity never straying too far away

With dusk setting in, Dance seduces from within
Creating movements and spirals never before seen
When darkness falls, midnight seeming so benign
The urge to Sing and commune makes all divine”

With these here energies infusing all creatures of earth
Man’s hearts transform, connecting them deeply in mirth
As joy enveloped me, I wept at the truth that I could behold
All lives — reconnected to Spirit — improved a hundredfold!

What an experience writing this! I have so much gratitude to Prazunt for inspiring me to take part in this contest. I would also like to tag a writer who I follow and am inspired by, Jaden Ramsey.

Also, a huge thank you to Marilyn Glover for hosting this contest and for adding me as a writer in the nick of time!

Looking forward to taking part in more writing adventures to get those creative juices flowing — and to continue sharpening my writing skills!




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