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My Angel’s Divine Guidance

Poetry Contest

This poem is submitted as part of a writing contest for Marilyn Glover’s Third Eye Gypsy: Inspiration from the Angels.

As you approach the brink of twenty-twenty-three
The path of your life will come to fruition
A time for great growth and personal discovery
My help, your divine guide and protector

Your purpose in life is your inner-quest
You must uncover who you are and what you seek
Searching for your ultimate mission
Though sometimes difficult, can be so rewarding

You must learn to be yourself, believe in your own mind
Find the strength to rise above the daily grind
Know that the universe is a beautiful place
You are the one that makes your life’s embrace

To reach a higher level of being, you must move beyond yourself
And learn to see beyond the boundaries of your own health
To understand the power of the greater good
And be able to make a difference for all of humankind

If you put your heart into your journey and listen to my voice
You will have access to the greatest of choice
A soul-deep understanding of what life can be
When the divine guidance of angels will lead you to the sea

I am your guardian angel and I come from on high
To provide your life with divine guidance and watch your spirit fly
So take this wisdom I give and follow your dreams
And I’ll be here for you as your spiritual guide, it seems

I invite Terry Trueman and Darrin Atkins to participate in this Poetry Contest. Please see the below link for the details of this contest.



Read stories and poems about spirituality, metaphysics, and higher awareness. A place to be free like the gypsy opening to the visions of the third-eye.

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