Episode 26: Natural (and Unnatural) Disasters with Tanvi Misra

Stormy weather (photo by Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman)

This week we have a special episode on the incredible storm surging through Houston this weekend, Hurricane Harvey. With our guest, Tanvi Misra, author of the CityLab article The Vulnerable Communities in Harvey’s Path, Mapped, we discuss the issues that disadvantaged populations face not only in times of environmental crisis but every day in our cities.

As per Tanvi’s suggestions, we’re linking to an excellent thread on Twitter by Jia Tolentino that includes a list of local organizations she suggests supporting. Beyond that we can only ask ourselves, how do we consider compassion when planning our cities? Why does it take the worst case scenario to raise awareness to our citizens’ plights? What do we lose when we refuse to plan ahead, for hurricanes or others’ daily struggles?

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