Episode 27: People, Power, and Play in Philly’s Parks w/ Jen Kinney

Children enjoying Sister Cities Park in Philadelphia (Photo by Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman)

Philadelphia is about to undergo an unheard-of overhaul into its parks, rec centers, and libraries through the Rebuild program — a much needed revival for many underserved communities who rely on these assets as veritable town centers. In this episode, as a part of our partnership with Next City, we talk to contributor Jen Kinney about her article on the recent research that was conducted with Gehl Studio, and what it means for the program as it prepares for launch.

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Articles referenced in this episode:

Main article from Next City — Philadelphia’s Placing a $500 Million Bet on Play by Jen Kinney: https://nextcity.org/features/view/philadelphia-rebuild-initiative-park-rec-center-design

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