Streets for people in NYC (Photo by Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman)

Years ago, pioneering urbanists looked at our cities and realized something was wrong. Whatever perspective they came from, they took those observations and did what they could to fight back against the top-down urban planning and lack of human-scale development.

The 21st Century is normalizing all of these elements of cities that they fought so hard for, bringing in the third wave of active transportation, public space as a fundamental right, and our biophilic needs as a species living in our (strange) urban environments to the forefront of cities everywhere.

In this the third wave we don’t see this as a fight — we see this as normal, expected, and the future of our cities — and if it isn’t that way already, it should be. We expect our cities to be walkable and bikable, to offer equitable choices in public transportation, and for public spaces to be safe environments in our diverse communities.

We are young female urbanists a part of the millennial generation, and we consider ourselves to be a part of this third wave of urbanism.

Are you with us?