A flat white with — Jacinta McMahon (and Chloe)

This is the first in our series of bite sized biographies of the Thirst Studios team. This morning we ask the tough questions of Jacinta McMahon and her cute as a button Schnauzer Chloe, to see how they tick.

When did you start at Thirst?


Where are you from?

Geelong and Alice Springs

Prior to Thirst I was…

Building my own tech learning business and dabbling in the Greeting Card Industry with great clients and teams.

What fuels you?

Learning and sharing knowledge and stories.

One thing you could change to make the world better:

For people to see that we are all the same at the core and that the unique things about us are what makes life so colourful, interesting and beautiful. So, empathy and understanding to break through the barriers that separate us so often in life.

When you’re at the studio, what do you get your kicks from?

My team, my clients, understanding surprising things, arriving at a solution that seems so simple that “why didn’t we think of that before?!”

Chloe: New people in the office I can woof at. Getting into work and having a good howl because I’m so excited.

What has working in this industry taught you?

Bringing your own perspective and way of doing things is where the real value lies. Mirroring another person’s ways helps you to learn in many cases, but trusting your natural approach is the key to adding the most value and momentum to the process of design.

What does accomplishment feel like?

Like the opportunity to do more and give more back. To my family, friends and the world around me.

Choe: It’s like eating a tasty treat on the carpet.

What is or could be your superpower?

I am both a Chameleon and Glue. I change and fill in the gaps to bring people together and merge worlds and talents in a seamless way that feels natural and enjoyable to all involved.

What is your go to afternoon snack?

Chocolatey baked goodness

Chloe: Begged, borrowed or stolen toast crumbs

What is your spirit animal?

An otter or Chloe, my dog. Probably Chloe!

Your favourite or most used apps:

Skip App, Spotify, Stocard, Audible, Buddhify, Pocket, Duolingo, Pinterest, Primer by Google, Google Keep to collaborate on to-dos, Slack and Facebook to stay connected with my people.

Currently listening to:

I trust the Spotify goods to endow me with new tunes that I love; and Lucie’s playlists always seem to work!

Currently reading:

UX Strategy and listening to ‘A More Beautiful Question’ again. It’s a great book!

What do you do for fun?

Hacking silly solutions around the apartment; rearrange furniture (!); grow and kill plants (accidentally); LOTS of events and meetups with interesting people and topics; Spend time with my family and friends; escape to the country

Current obsession:

Tiny homes and aquaponics. I’m desperate to get set up with a system on my balcony and to get my tools out and start building a tiny home.