A soy latte with — Bec Mercer

Bec Mercer is one of the unicorns at Thirst. A qualified UX designer with over five years’ industry experience, Bec is a thoughtful, curious and empathetic design professional. In this short interview Bec shares a bit about herself and her thinking. She also loves talking about herself in third person.

When did you start at Thirst?

Early in 2016, it seems like a little longer than that though!

Where are you from?

Brisbane but been in Melbourne a while now and call it home.

Prior to Thirst I…

Did many things: graphic designer, videographer, corporate video production manager and interior design sales person at various points in time.

What fuels you?

The end product. Arriving at a clear, focussed solution for an ethical client who works for good.

Also, any project that comes from an organisation that is passionate about their service/brand. That enthusiasm is contagious.

What is one thing that could make the world a better place?

I’d get people out of their own heads a little more and encourage them to think about others’ perspectives. It’s all about seeing our similarities and connecting through that. There is so much unnecessary division in this world and that cultivates fear. I’m not a big fan of fear.

When you’re at the studio, what do you get your kicks from?

Figuring out a solution that ties up ALL the loose ends.

What has working in this industry taught you?

That progress is incremental and that is totally ok. Perfection is the enemy of action. I’d rather have an improved product that is implemented than a perfect product that never makes it out into the world.

What does accomplishment feel like?

Relief and joy!

What is, or could be your superpower?

Being able to feel, channel and change people’s emotions. I really liked the snail lady in Guardians of the Galaxy, she was under-rated but turned out to be really powerful in the end.

What is your go to afternoon snack?

Dark chocolate, brazil nuts or fruit, or all three…

What is your spirit animal?

Either a wolf or jaguar would be pretty epic as a spirit animals. Although a dolphin is my patronus.

Your favourite or most used apps:

Todoist and Memrise. I’m learning Japanese and Memrise is really helping!

Currently listening to:

Music: Tacocat and Aquafina. Podcasts: Heroine and Hidden Brain

Currently reading:

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

What do you do for fun?

Roller Derby! I play for a suitably geeky team called the Rebel Alliance.

Current obsession:

I’m really into leadership and feminism right now.

And that’s a quick snapshot of Bec’s must have apps, snacks and motivations.

Stay tuned for the next interview in the Thirst Thinking publication!

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