Welcome to The Sligo Punch

Welcome to the maiden voyage of The Sligo Punch. I’ll start by explaining the name. In the middle of Davis Square in the Boston suburb of Somerville, there is a wonderfully grungy bar called Sligo Pub. To students of nearby Tufts University (which Tim and I both once were), Sligo Pub is either frighteningly foreign, or welcomingly unassuming. Despite its reputation as a dive bar with a surly local crowd, in the past five years alone it has become a common hangout spot for rec. dodgeball teams, hipster crowds and college kids looking for a cheap drink. Management has taken notice, and the younger crowd is no longer looked down upon, or encouraged to leave. Hell, they even upgraded their Big Buck Hunter machine and jukebox to keep the damn kids happy.

One bastion of chaos remains at Sligo Pub and that is The Sligo Punch. It is ordered by walking to the bar and asking for a glass of punch, and it tastes different every single time it is made. Upon scrutiny and questioning, the bartenders claim to follow a general format, but everyone sees them take creative liberties, which makes it the perfect mess of a cocktail. An offering that no one will love every time, but everyone will enjoy something about, even if it’s just the adventure of the new and unknown.

Here on TxM we will use The Sligo Punch as a vector to mix you up a weekly cocktail of our interests. The writers and contributors to the site consume a large amount of media and writing or tweeting about all of it would reach a saturation point quickly. Every Wednesday, in this post, a single author will take their turn to use the creative liberties pioneered behind the etched wooden Sligo bar in putting together a hit-list of their favorite or least favorite things from the week. You’ll get a new song to listen to, a new video to gawk at, and a new article or information source to consult. You may not like all of it, but if you hate it, just come back next week and it’ll taste a little different.

April 22–29, 2015

curated by Gene Buonaccorsi

This was a strange week for a number of reasons. Countless musical artists announced or released new sounds that matched the blooming weather of spring in most parts of the country. Meanwhile pop culture walked a tightrope between whimsical interest in TV shows like Game of Thrones and Mad Men, and the deeply affecting turmoil in Nepal and Baltimore. On any given day it seemed appropriate to smile with glee, or to shudder with fear. To riot or to rejoice. Here are some of the captivating takeaways for me.

Learn About This — “Nonviolence as Compliance” — Ta-Nehisi Coates

Writing is hard. Those who attempt to write are usually mediocre at it because they’ve never quite found a unique blend of voice, insight and relevance to create something worth reading. Ta-Nehisi Coates not only excels at creating a consistently powerful stream of takeaways, but he also does so promptly and sensibly at the times when precision and tact are hardest to muster.

Listen To This — “Broad Street” — PJ Bond

Thanks to my role as a staff writer over at MindEqualsBlown.net, I get a constant stream of press releases with new albums. Most are by sludge metal bands so I ignore them, but when PJ Bond’s latest came in I recognized his name and took a listen. This is folky hometown rock that won’t make you cringe from the saccharine after three songs. Here’s one of the lead tracks for the album Where Were You out May 4th, on Black Numbers.

Watch This — Kevin Durant Candy Slush “Dunk” Commercial

I think this is my least favorite advertisement of all time. The copy could have been written by a 4th grader, and hopefully it was. That 4th grader probably gets tons of free Nerds flavored Sonic drinks, and that’s the only person who should want these regardless of what the Durant’s marketing team thinks. Am I really to assume that KD, a peak physical specimen, pines for green frozen sugar? What’s more likely is that Durant’s forced appearance in this awful commercial is a new wrinkle to the oft-discussed #basedgodscurse that has been placed upon him.

Something I missed? Leave us a comment below and tell us what we should check out.