happy is a good title (or Deconstruction through verse)

Day Five of Thirty Days of Writing

Happy, but a dance with chance

Bourgeoisie libations


comforts the blue print laid

before Rimbaud’s passion they

overthrew feudalism for an ism of mental


we procure happy

because artisans, traders petite

detested the ancien property

Burke a tyrant of the working soul


Happy evolved with steam and coal — lineage of the reified industrial


social mind body soul

industrialized industry of industrialization childcare working hours healthcare living wages time off job security

and coal and steam and happy

but the specter of the ancien




Happy is nuclear stream-lined cultures

white picket fences families breakfast well balanced

mono everything to support the weight of technology

and the worker

there becomes a network proximity tech is art craft skill


Happy is high finance fueled by coke filled binges on avenues and streets named after walls and 4th presidents which cuddle with bicameral institutions

to crush unions

to promote




neon patriotism of the religion corporation dedicated to the industry of war

music videos video games a consumer pathos of the new taken to fetish extremes of individualism laying the fiber optic ground work of total connectivity.

Happy a binary code of ones and zeros alternating for a reality


in for ma tion

verb plus adjective multiplied by suffix

education industry accumulation capital unbound worker bourgeoisie

never closer

never further

happy always

crazy pills

corporations proliferating death of bees for GMOs a mass conspiracy transform nature increase profit enforce habit among consumer

bee priestly class of flora

fauna state of existence

we call nature

judge in Detroit declares water not a human right corporations have right to deny people access to water information education

disease antibiotics

medication only

accessible through

corporations this is a

theme unbound

capitalism determining who lives and dies from






yellow apple tree front yard fruit lying at the base — some appear eaten familiar aroma carried on wind scent occasionally revisited during course of a life smell of juice boxes seasons changing feeling of love when being provided with nutrients

a bee hovers about a

blossom no trajectory

simply duration of intent

sublime artist of foliage

proliferator of organic

unity not happy but

authentic in form and

content authenticity of a

familiar act which

generates new life.


— a pig, in a cage, on antibiotics

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