The Vault Part V; Popcorn Piece

Day Twenty-Five of Thirty Days of Writing

The water from the sprinklers fell like rain. I love rain. Sometimes, I purposely don’t bring an umbrella with me because there’s a calming presence to it as the drops kiss my face. While the drops from the sprinkles mimicked the form of sweet raindrops, their kisses felt more like kisses of death. Our deaths. Drowning in a vault wasn’t how I pictured dying. The vault may have been a decent size room, but we were trapped. No one had realized we were stuck in there. The bank was old. Would the system alert anyone? The sprinkles were there to put out a fire? Save three people locked inside of it was a different story.

Kat looked like she wasn’t fully awake yet. I, too, slapped my arm to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Kyle could read the panic on our faces. “It’s fine,” he said. “Someone will have to come now.”

“When?” I yelled. My voice trembled as I imagined the worst. Years ago, I had worked in a high school where the fire alarm was pulled daily. These sprinklers were different. There was something strange about them. The water pouring out was coming down much faster and harder. With each minute that passed, the water seemed to gain speed instead of slow down to a trickle. Within minutes, the water had made a wet layer across the floor of the vault.

“I don’t hear any fire trucks! Why isn’t anyone coming?!” I screamed. Kyle pulled one of the tables above the system. With his arms reached in the air, he grabbed for one of the sprinkles, but the water was starting to gain momentum. He took a step back from underneath the system’s powerful force to catch his breath. He spit out a mouthful of water and then stepped back in with his head down as he reached up again. He grabbed one sprinkler, and the water seemed to stop. Kyle panted; he was drenched from head to toe, but he had succeeded.

Before I had time to process this victorious moment, a rumble sounded from the ceiling as if the spirits of the bank were letting out a slow moan. The crescendo of the noise caused a shiver to run through my spine. Suddenly, the moaning stopped, the groaning spirits had found their destination.The silence through the vault rang loudly; all three of us seemed to hold our breaths.

Then, the pipes from the system popped as they belched out all the water they were holding. I looked down at my feet but couldn’t see them buried underneath the mounting flood. I tried to look around for an answer but within the few seconds I lifted my gaze, the water had made its way to my chest. It poked at us, and with each poke I felt myself stepping back… back.. back… back until my body hit the wall. I looked over at Kat on the other side of the room. By the expression on her face, I could tell something had hit her, or she hit it.. Panic left her eyes as she turned to the wall and knelt down.

“Kat!” Kyle screamed. He raced across the rising waters of the room to reach her. Before he could, the water began to lower. Slowly, it gravitated towards Kat and the vault door. She stood up with a gray vent window in her hand as the water rushed passed her through the vent whole in the wall and out to the dark halls of the bank.

We all stood there, letting our heartbeats slow down to their normal paces. Sounds of fire trucks echoed in the distance.

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