To the Writers Who Inspired Me

Day Seven of Thirty Days of Writing

I was once told that to understand your writing style, you have to take an inventory of all the writers who influenced you over the years. I felt compelled to create a list of those who inspired me and express my gratitude:

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo | unsplash

To Judy Blume and Ann M. Martin for first introducing me to strong female protagonist at a young age.

To Sylvia Plath whose poetry reminded me that writing is the perfect platform to explore every emotion you feel no matter how dark or complex it may seem.

To Jenny Lawson who introduced me to the power of vulnerability and the significance of sharing your entire story, even the flaws.

To Maya Angelou, whose poetry put a song in my heart when I needed it the most.

To Kate Chopin, Margaret Atwood, and Margie Piercy who provided me new perspectives on the definition of feminism.

To Alice Walker, Charolette Perkins Gilman, Flannery O’Conner whose stories encouraged me to explore complex issues on a deeper level.

Each of these author’s work has touched me at different times in my life. They inspired me to reexamine my life mission statement and the ways my actions and words influence others.