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Meet Picnic: Personalized Allergy Care — From Our Specialists to Your Doorstep

“I’m not sick,” you say after blowing your nose. “It’s just allergies.”

It’s just allergies. Those of us whose days and lives are disrupted by seasonal or year-round allergies know this refrain all too well.

And in a way, it’s true. Relative to some other chronic conditions, allergic rhinitis — caused by both indoor and outdoor allergens — is no threat to your life. But it is a threat to your quality of life. On bad days, allergies can keep us from enjoying the things we love, or from engaging fully with the work, activities, or people in front of us. Never mind how, in a pandemic, every little symptom can induce panic, and “it’s just allergies” fails to comfort those glaring at us from within six feet of our sneeze.

So many allergy sufferers are accustomed to excusing away their symptoms that it doesn’t occur to them that real relief is possible. Or, having failed to find solutions in the allergy aisle, they simply give up and resign themselves to living with their discomfort. For those who attempt to see an allergist, many wait months for an appointment, as there are only 5,000 for the 50 million allergy sufferers in the United States (that’s one for every 10,000 sufferers!). Without the ability to access specialist care and a treatment plan tailored to their specific symptoms and needs, too many people with allergic rhinitis are left behind to struggle in silence.

As a team of allergist-immunologists, researchers, and care specialists, we know that allergies are treatable. We know that people do not need to suffer or feel aimless in the allergy aisle. We know that everyone can benefit from a personalized allergy treatment plan and coping strategies, and quality of life can improve.

We’re determined to bring this level of allergist-driven, personalized care to all who need it.

Introducing Picnic — the New, Revolutionary Allergy Care Brand From Thirty Madison

Today, on behalf of our Thirty Madison team, I’m excited to announce the launch of Picnic — a new and better way to treat your allergies successfully, affordably, and from the comfort of your home.

Picnic is the fourth brand in the Thirty Madison family, which includes Keeps for hair loss, Cove for migraine, Evens for gastrointestinal conditions, and — today — Picnic for allergies. Thirty Madison is on a mission to reinvent healthcare for all, one condition at a time. Our model breaks down the barriers that make it so hard for patients with chronic conditions to access affordable and ongoing asynchronous specialist-level care, experience successful treatment, and enjoy (yes, really — enjoy!) the entire process.

Thirty Madison empowers its expert teams to build and lead brands, always imbued with the company ethos: decisions rooted in rigorous clinical and scientific research; brand experiences driven by constantly-sought patient feedback; and care delivered with compassion, respect, and convenience.

In keeping with this ethos, Picnic has assembled a care team that includes board-certified allergist-immunologists so that we may bring their expertise to all of our customers, regardless of where they live or their insurance status.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating allergies. Successful treatment comes by way of a plan built to target the specific symptoms, severity, and needs of an individual. And this kind of personalized treatment is possible only through physician-level expertise. In partnering with specialists, we’re able to offer allergy sufferers something that, until now, has not been available to them — a new way to manage allergies, and a new way to a better normal: the Picnic way.

The Old Way: The Plight of the Overwhelmed Allergy Sufferer

The allergy sufferer finally remembers to go to the drugstore on his lunch break, after weeks of itchy eyes and a runny nose. He stares blankly at the rows and rows of allergy brands and medications, unsure of the differences between each or if there are even differences at all. He grabs the one he remembers seeing advertised on TV but wants confirmation from the pharmacist it’s a good choice.

He approaches the pharmacy to discover a line he doesn’t have time to wait in. Will the pharmacist even know what’s best for me? he thinks. He heads for the check-out, buys the medication, and pops a pill on the way out, desperate for relief from his relentless sneezing and dry, itchy eyes. While the medication says “non-drowsy” on the box, he soon finds himself struggling to stay awake at his desk. This medication isn’t working like it said, he thinks, I guess it’s not for me. Hopefully, he’ll find time to return to the drugstore to try something else. In the meantime, he assumes that this is just what it’s like to live with allergies.

The Picnic Way: The Power of a Partner and a Plan

The allergy sufferer visits the Picnic website. She is met with the option to take an allergist-built quiz to create a personalized treatment plan for her. Wanting some expert hand-holding, she answers the series of questions, which encompass her symptoms and their severity, treatment history, and treatment preferences. While the quiz is not required to benefit from Picnic’s offering, it is how she chooses to kick off her ongoing relationship with Picnic’s care team.

Upon completion of the quiz, she instantly receives a treatment plan tailored to her unique circumstances and preferences, with a clear and concise explanation for the recommendation (finally, she thinks, this makes sense!). After purchasing, the Picnic Care Team welcomes her in an email that includes important information about how to maximize the treatments in her personalized plan. For example, she learns she needs to begin her treatment at least two weeks prior to her allergy season to achieve maximum effect. And that she should use the antihistamine eye drops 10 minutes before she puts in her contacts.

Picnic also provides her with coping strategies and tips for success that will amplify her symptom relief. Like how non-drowsy antihistamines actually make some people drowsy, so it’s best to take the first few doses before bed as the body adjusts. Or that regular dusting and vacuuming is important given her triggers.

Just a few days later, her Picnic-branded medications arrive at her doorstep. Timed with the delivery, she receives an email from the Care Team to check in and see if she has any questions as she starts her treatment plan.

And so it goes through her allergy season — her medications are delivered on a regular cadence, always before the current supply runs out. Picnic continues to check in and offer ongoing support, and she emails them as needed as questions come up. At the end of her allergy season, she sends us a happy update: where she used to amble through the season in a fog of symptoms, she was almost entirely symptom-free this year.

It’s not Just Allergies, It’s Your Life. Let Picnic Help You Live It.

Across Thirty Madison and all of our brands, we believe in a better way. We believe people with chronic conditions should not suffer. And our model is proving that they don’t have to.

With Picnic, we are excited to liberate allergy sufferers from the frustrating, confusing, and isolating drugstore experience. In its place, we strive to offer an empowering experience, infused with expert care, continuous support, knowledge, ease, compassion — and, ultimately, meaningful symptom relief and a better normal.

From our specialists and care team to a personalized treatment toolkit at your doorstep, we’re here for you, every step of the way. With Picnic, your journey to true allergy relief is a walk in the park.

— Alexis Tarlow, Picnic General Manager



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