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Thirty over Fifty

Zooming Empathy

Six Ways to Bring Empathy into Your Zoom Life

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

After participating in a series of Zoom meetings, I found myself thinking about an in-person experience that I had with one of my university students some years ago. Bennie was an older woman who came into my office and announced that she was not cut out for college. When I asked her how she came to that conclusion, she said that the younger students were smart and she “felt dumb” as she…




Forum for the “30%” of Medium writers, aged 50 years and over, to add their voices. No political stories/articles accepted, please read the Submission Guidelines. Readers & Followers of all ages are welcome to read.

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Diane Gillespie

Diane Gillespie

PhD, Educational psychologist. Author and sleep advocate interested in learning as social/cultural process (Website:

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