I Saw The Writing On The Wall

But the words were in blood

Photo by shahin khalaji on Unsplash

It’s funny the things you remember from childhood, isn’t it? Of course, I use the word funny loosely. Tongue in cheek as it were. I don’t even know what the words were, since I refused to read them; as if I’d be somehow contaminated for life.




A place for strong women to unite. No judgements here. LIke the show, “Cheers”; It’s a place where everybody knows your name, and you’re always glad you came! We welcome strong women who own their bitchiness and don’t apologize for it, and men who stand behind us.

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Robin Klammer

Robin Klammer

PROUD CDN. Humorist, Royally FBTA. Owner/Editor of Ain't Yo' Mama's Tea Party. Garden of Neuro sister & Queen of Snark! 👑

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