Meet This Bitch: Lily Rugo

Author, Editor, and Head Bitch of This Bitch Blog

This Bitch Blog came around because I was applying to a feminist writing program, and as I was looking at their website I thought they should have a profile section of kick-ass women. A short Q&A, like Humans of New York except with only women (or non-cisgendered men) who are doing cool things. When I realized that didn’t exist, I knew I needed to get on that.

Eventually, This Bitch Blog evolved into a full-blown feminist blog. It features things in the media created by women, highlights women whom I admire, reviews, and occasionally my own thoughts and opinions. I want This Bitch Blog to be a place for people to find cool things feminists (not only cisgendered women) are doing.

Why do I refer to women as “bitch?” Mostly because I swear too much to begin with, and for better or for worse “bitch” is a regular part of my vocabulary. Also, I thought it was a catchy idea when I was looking at the writing fellowship website, and I always love a good alliteration.

But more importantly, I know that every little girl, no matter where they are in the world, is going to be called a bitch some day. I want to be a part of reclaiming that word through positive reenforcement, and I hope my silly little blog can turn the attitude of “Oh, this bitch” into a chance to hold up This Bitch as an amazing person, inspiration, and role model.

To be honest, I’m a little trepidatious about putting myself out there as a voice that features people I admire. But I will promise that I will come from a genuine place, learn from my mistakes, not talk when it’s not my story, and hold what I love accountable.

Welcome to This Bitch.

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