Meet This Bitch: Kina Grannis

Honestly, she’s too sweet to call a bitch. At most I’d call her “the b-word.” She’s an angel too pure for my foul language

Who is this bitch?
YouTube singer, actress, angel on earth.

What does this bitch do?
Sings original songs and covers on her YouTube channel, tours occasionally, and acts sometimes.

Where did this bitch come from?
Mission Viejo, California according to her Wikipedia.

What makes her a bitch?
I am all for reclaiming “bitch” to describe awesome women, but with YouTube singer Kina Grannis, I could never imagine calling her a bitch. Even when I mean it as the highest praise, like with Lucy Liu or Michelle Obama, Kina Grannis could never be a bitch.

Who’re some bitches like her?
Other great YouTube singers worth checking out are Clara C, the Jayesslee twins, and Priska.

I found Grannis a few years ago through a webseries by my favorite YouTubers, WongFu Productions. She was acting in one of their web series, and they mentioned that she was also a singer. I looked her up and fell in love. A California native, she was at first known for her winning the 2008 competition Doritos Crash the Super Bowl, where her song got featured on a commercial and she got a contract deal. However she decided to leaver her contract and continue as an independent musician, a journey she discussed in a 2013 TEDx Talk:

(Fun fact, years before she blew up in 2013 she was a competitor at the Kollaboration showcase in Los Angeles. For a video of adorable baby Kina, click here.) She’s also well known for her hit song “In Your Arms” and its stop-motion music video. Using over 200 thousand jelly beans shooting in a span of 2 years, Kina Grannis and her team created one of the most recognizable music videos on YouTube. It even gained Ellen’s attention and Kina got to sing on her show!

Aside from singing, she does a handful of acting roles, mostly for WongFu. They just finished their first series for YouTube Red, and Grannis played the lead role alongside Harry Shum Jr. She even has a big ass billboard at the Grove in LA with her picture on it. The show, “Single By 30” is a cute romcom that I enjoyed, but really loved because it was a bunch of my favorite artists working together and having a god time. Also Grannis doesn’t act much, so it’s great when she does. Especially with Harry Shum Jr.

I love Kina Grannis’ music because her acoustic style is very down to earth, artistic, and sweet. She writes a lot of her own songs, or does a few collaborative covers. It’s the perfect music to play in the background of rainy days with a book, studying in a cafe, or just to have on because it’s good music. I like watching her videos because like “In Your Arms” she tries to make each one its own piece of art. From sititng in a room with her guitar to full production music videos, she has got a really good camera and artisitc lighting. Even though you should most definitely Listen to This B-word on Spotify and iTunes, here are my favorite videos of hers to watch:

  1. Closer — The Chainsmokers

Whatever, everyone is doing a cover of this song, I don’t care. And this may be a low-key promo for “Single By 30” that’s ok too. I just cannot stop watching this video, it’s so good.

2) My Dear — Kina Grannis

It’s her wedding song. “My Dear” is a song she wrote for her husband and used actual wedding video for the MV. It’s adorable.

3) Dear River — Kina Grannis

Not 100% sure what’s going on in this MV, but I dig it.

4) California — Kina Grannis

About a year ago she went through a really harrowing time trying to tour Southeast Asia. One of two songs she wrote while abroad, “California” really speaks to how she felt during those 100 days Jakarta.

5) Stars Falling Down — Kina Grannis

“Stars Falling Down” is my favorite Kina Grannis song, and that’s a tough call. From 2008, this was from her early days before her professional-quality budget kicks in. But it’s the music that’s important here, right?

6) Write It In the Sky (remix) — Kina Grannis

The first music video WongFu did for Grannis, it’s a bit dramatic, not gonna lie (hence why the thumbnail is an angsty boy crying out in pure angst). But I love the remix and the video looks great. This remixed version was a sponosred collab with AT&T, and there’s also an acoustic version of the song and music video. (More adorable fun facts: “My Dear” was for her wedding and this one is about her engagement.)

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