The Future of This Bitch

How do you know when it’s worth it?

Welcome to Week 26, it is officially half of 2017. It also means that this is blog post #26 of 52 in my whole “blog once a week” New Year’s resolution. And I think only Ben Wyatt, Human Disaster truly gets how I feel after half a year of This Bitch Blog:

The way I look at it, half way is a good place to consider three different directions I can go:

  1. As You Were
    I stay the course, posting once a week on different topics. No fan-fare, no bells and whistles, just business as usual until Week 52. What will happen to This Bitch happens.
  2. This Bitch Goes All In
    I buy a custom domain name, amp up my social media game, and try to expand my content — Video? Podcast? Who knows! I could try to add more writers to diversify and include more voices, experiences, and stories. I get business cards and merch, try to monetize, spread the word, and take this blog seriously.
  3. Shut It Down
    This has been a fun side project, and I’ll keep it running through the summer no matter what. But when school starts up again, This Bitch goes dark. Because as much fun as this little side project has been, it’s nothing special. Who would really miss it if I shut it down? There’s a ton of other (better) feminist resources out there, what is This Bitch compared to those?

To some extent I know it sounds silly to think about options 2 and 3 when it’s only been a few months of This Bitch’s existence. I shouldn’t take my little weekly blog with only 15 loyal readers so seriously, right? That’s where option 3 comes in. But what if I did take it seriously and really turned it into something cool — what would happen then? That’s option 2. But will I even have time to blog when school starts again? That’s options 1 and 3. But wouldn’t This Bitch merch be pretty cool tho? Option 2. But…

I’ve been going round and round like this ever since that dumb Toni Layup piece back in April. I already took the easiest first steps and bought the domain name and had it forward here (it’s not officially registered with Medium yet, don’t tell anyone.) I also want to add more writers to This Bitch and start making it a more inclusive space. I could also order some cheap business cards and occasionally hand those out. The simple things like that are probably where I’m going to start, so keeping to the path is the obvious and easiest route forward.

But there are times, mostly at 2 in the morning, when I want more. I don’t want This Bitch to become the next great feminist platform like Jezebel, or the next multi-media millennial business like Buzzfeed. At most I want it to be a cross of The Establishment and The Ringer and a little tech a la Mashable thrown in somehow. A fun blog where people know they can find cool, genuine content about kickass feminists. And making some money off of it on the side would be a bonus too.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking a lot about The Dream and when a hobby, interest, passion, or side project is actually worth pursuing. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! I even made this handy form if you want to send me feedback. Until next week!

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