Don’t Compare Your Behind-The-Scenes to Somebody Else’s Highlight Reel

Everybody has there own crap! 💩 And it all stinks, but nobody shows you their bathroom when giving the grand tour of there home!

Just imagine: You go over to a friend’s house and, as soon as you walk in the door, they tell you that they have been struggling all day with bad gas and a case of having to run to the bathroom too much all day (if you know what I mean — I won’t get into the details of that).

As they give you the “grand tour” of their place, instead of showing you the best parts, they start immediately off by showing you the bathroom…

You walk in and it smells awful! Gross! Why would they do this?!?!

The truth is, nobody would ever do this.

When ever we face people, and especially people we know and love, we tend to show only the best parts of ourselves and our lives.

Has your life ever felt like that though? Totally down in the dumps, and it totally stinks!

You look around at everyone else and their lives seem so neat, perfect and put together?

I’ve felt that way a lot.

I would stress out so much thinking about why there was so much crap piling up in my life when everyone I knew seemed to have amazing lives with no problems.

How naive of me.

My mentor gave me this advice:

Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.

Everyone has their crap in life.

Everyone struggles in their own way.

Know that you are not alone.

Don’t focus on everyone else, that only holds you back.

Do you.

Focus on your life, what you love and what you feel called to do, and pull yourself up out of the dumps!
The struggles in life always lead to the greatest joys!

I’ve always found this to be true.

To get out of any struggle, here are three tips that I have found useful:

- Share your struggle.

As I talked about in an earlier blog post, What Eminem Teaches Us About The Christian Life, “God’s power is made perfect through weakness.” Sharing the parts of our life that we feel weak in with others can help rise us and others up to new life.

- Do something you love.

Doing what you love gives hope and creates hope! You should do this always!

- Pray.

God is always there for you in your struggles. He is always acting in your life and especially behind-the-scenes when it is hard to see or feel Him. Lift your heart to Him in prayer!

You’ve got this!

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