This Post Is For Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom, Diane, and I — She has always been my biggest fan and greatest supporter! Love you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Mothers are incredible people that I think teach us all some very valuable life lessons.

Today, I just wanted to share a few great life-lessons that I have learned from the Mother’s in my life.

MOM: Perseverance

My mom, Diane, is an amazing women with so much strength, courage and perseverance. She’s also a dedicated runner.

My mom, Diane, is an amazing women with so much strength, courage and perseverance. She’s also a dedicated runner.

I remember a few years ago when she ran her first half marathon. She trained diligently leading up to the run.

She told me and my two other siblings that during the run she was going to dedicate each of the 13 miles to pray for someone special in her life — the final .2 miles was dedicated to her entire family.

She said that she knew by dedicating each moment of the half marathon to pray for someone special in her life that it would keep her persevering through the struggles.

She finished that first Marathon and has gone on now to do many more since!

Thanks for always persevering Mom! You’re amazing and you always inspire us!

All of my siblings and I with our spouses and Mom — we always love to get together to spend time with her as a family. She is the best mom we could ask for.

GRANDMA: Hospitality

My grandmother and my mom’s mother, Rose-Marie Devine, she is the sweetest and most welcoming person in the world!

Grandma is always up for a game night at her place and she is always welcoming others to be invited over.

We’ve had many a game night with a countless number of friends over to grandma’s and she always welcomes them all with a kind hug saying sweetly, “you can call me grandma!” It is the sweetest thing and makes everyone feel right at home.

The best thing about game night with grandma, is her young heart. She won’t call it a night early or get tired of its late when playing games — no she will definitely be the one pushing everyone to stay up late and enjoy the fun and company until 2 AM! She is quite a gal, my grandma, and I love her!

OUR BLESSED MOTHER MARY: Saying, “Thy Will Be Done” to our Heavenly Father

Two years ago, I consecrated myself to Jesus through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. This is a prayer devotion made popular by St. Louis de Montfort.

This consecration really helped me grow my devotion too and relationship with Jesus.

Jesus came into the world by the power of the Holy Spirit and through Mary’s courage to say, “Yes, thy will be done.”
It is quite amazing praying and meditating on this fact, and learning from Mary the courage and discipline to say the same to our Heavenly Father, “Yes, Lord, thy will be done”

What Life Lessons Have You Learned From the Mother’s in Your Life?

Tell me in the responses below.

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