The Mayday Project, Day 2

Today I wrote goals. In my SELF journal I have identified and written out two goals to achieve at the end of thirteen weeks, losing 13 pounds and writing a novel. I can’t decide which is harder.

Learning to write daily goals and gratitude with the SELF journal.

I’ve committed to losing 13 pounds and I know this will be easy at first, but tougher later. I’ve done a few things to start. First, I stepped on the big scary, scale that flashes the high number that doesn’t even seem possible to me. At the recommendation of some people on Facebook, I downloaded the app “Happy Scale” for my iPhone. The app works with the Health app and aggregates daily weigh-ins and displays trends, so I don’t focus on individual data points and get depressed. It also creates milestones and I’ve set it up so my first mile stone matches my 13 lb. loss by July 30.

The dreaded scale.

In addition, I recorded my first sleep session with the app “Pillow” that works with audio recording and the Apple Watch to determine sleep quality. My first session came in at an extremely low 42% sleep quality, which surprised me because I’ve always considered myself a deep sleeper. I’m going to keep monitoring this and then work on ways to improve it.

I’m also listening to the audiobook of Wired to Eat by Rob Wolf. The author is a big advocate for the Paleo diet, which has often annoyed me though I’m not sure why. (I need to make a not to explore the reason for this.) The book is pretty candid and is not blaming me for being fat, but we’ll see what else there is.

Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf

Finally, I’ve broken out my trusty S’well water bottle for some good ol’ fashioned water drinkin’.

Writing a novel has always been a goal of mine, but it’s the type of goal that requires a long term commitment. I wrote a novel for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) a few years ago, and reached the 50,000 word limit in a month. It was very inspiring, but I never edited or even finished the novel. This time I’m committing to 60,000 words by July 30.

So far, I’ve had a great time writing my novel. I’m walking before writing and it’s really cleared my mind to sit down and write. As for the writing experience, sitting down, creating characters, planning plots, it’s been great. Last night I wrote almost 1400 words in less than an hour.▪️

The Mayday Project is a personal, total wellness plan. These essays will track my progress and development of the plan. Please follow for tips, ideas, inspiration and what not to do when you’re changing your life.

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