This Could be Better

Questionable design decisions, being questioned

Fixing fast food industry

A design thinking approach

RKS Design CEO Ravi Sawhney recently wrote an article on fixing fast food, stating food is not a diet but a life…

Why are you making this so difficult?

Musings on a mobile payment app

Outside of my day-to-day work, I regularly volunteer behind the bar of a local community club…

Dear Ticketmaster,

It is time to redesign the master of all tickets.

I’m a huge concert goer; more than 20 concerts in this past year. I’ve taken up volunteer…

The Brave and the Bold

Disney, and why character design matters.

This post was originally shared on my tumblr in May of 2013. I repost it here in case it is useful to anyone.

Whimsical, Musical, Just a Tad Suessical:

A Parent’s Plunge into the Wacky World of Silly Stories and Loony Lullabies

In the years before my little boy entered kindergarten, he struggled valiantly with the aftereffects of a complicated, premature birth. He had spent the first 9 days of his life in a blindingly bright, extremely noisy neonatal intensive…

Their Experience Is Not That Amazing

I was creating a false sense of meaning behind individual experiences.

I recently had a self reflective moment where I said, “I want to go about UX design a little differently next year” and this is why. I was creating a false sense of meaning behind individual experiences.

Welcome to my Medium page

Vegetarian/Vegan recipes

Excerpt from my Article A Vegetarian Lifestyle for a Model Figure


Why I became a Writer

My first book, My Jasmine Rose

The very first book I completed was because it was a work of love lost. When…

Why I wrote a Screenplay

Angelina Grey and the Journey Through Time and Space

I finally completed my first screenplay after 9 years. I originally started writing…

The Sorrows of an Agnostic User

Can we just end this religious war between different platforms?

Why do you enter into fellowship with us if you can…

If you push me, I ain’t gonna push that

I recommend that you do not recommend me to recommend

Typical structure of a Medium article:

Accommodate the less confident.

On being a better host to conversations

Yesterday I was on a panel discussion with a diverse audience curious about how to brand…

Organising Your Instagram Photos with Collections.

Some thoughts on Facebook’s Instagram

Instagram is fantastic tool that allows people from all over the world…

Apple could learn a couple of things from MOJANG

When world-big companies can learn from the Indies

Being Trusted. Remotely.

I am often asked about my remote freelance experience. Questions people ask vary, but usually what most of them really ask is:

How do I get to the…


The people created a revolution, got rid of the dictator, elected a new president, got rid of him and now they are ruled by a temporary non-elected government. This doesn’t make…

There Are No To-Do Apps Better Than Pen and Paper

Or avoiding the list of lists.

Every few months I go through an exercise where I try to find a to-do list that…

Credit Card UX And Security

The credit card is designed around the machine, not the user.

It occurred to me this morning when I was paying for coffee that every time I get this card out, I have to look at it and figure out which way to swipe it. Multiple times a day, I’m faced with this challenge. Just to be clear, I’m not complaining about having the ability…

Here is the exact solution to a programming problem you’re searching about on Google

I’m about to save you hours of debugging!

Oh hey it looks like…

Why I don’t use a Swiss Army Knife for my daily meal 

About limited functions and unlimited freedom

This Could be Better
This Could be Better

Questionable design decisions, being questioned

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