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A dog, a suitcase, and the Metropolitain

PJ Camillieri
Feb 26, 2016 · 3 min read

(Don’t be surprised: no tech, no startups involved. Just an “everyday” story…)

A friend of mine told me a story. Is it a true story? I don’t know. But I know it’s just too good — or too crazy — not to be true. Even in their wilder dreams, I doubt writers come up with stuff like this.

Here goes.

Some time ago, this friend accepted to take care of another friend’s dog — Jake — for a long week-end. Picture the perfect moment: it’s Paris, you are watching the sun set from the Sacre Coeur’s stairs with Jake’s head on your lap.

Well, not exactly: Jake was old. Very. Old. Yet, things started well with a nice little walk in a nearby square.

The next morning, Jake does not wake up. My friend is no expert but it’s obvious he simply passed away.

Imagine my friend, in her little Paris flat, a dead dog in her living room, with the owner away (and not reachable).

What would YOU do?

She calls a vet. He is nice and everything, and he can see the dog now. There’s just one caveat: you do need to take Jake to the vet office.

My friend does not have a car, and taxi is not an option.

What would YOU do?

And that’s when things start to go south. She chooses the underground train (the “metro”). How do you carry a 15kg dead dog in the Parisian metro? Think about it for a second.

She comes up with a crazy idea — but granted: I can’t think of a better one. She put him… in a suitcase. Et voilà: picture my friend wheeling a huge suitcase to the nearby metro station.

The Parisian metro is not big on elevators and escalators: stairs everywhere. So it’s a real struggle for her. Up and down, up and down.

Out of nowhere, Prince Charming appears. He is a young and friendly gentleman. Or that’s how he looks at the time to my friend — circumstances are everything, aren’t they? He wants to help. He lifts the suitcase and he almost falls down in the process:

“Gosh, what are you carrying?”

What would YOU answer?

“Oh, that’s Jake, my friend’s dog”

won’t cut it.

“But don’t worry, he is dead”

won’t help, most likely.

Again, she comes up with a sensible idea:

“Oh, this is computer equipment”

(you know: heavy-stuff-I-don-t-know-what-it-is-exactly-don-t-ask kind of thing).

Good, right?

Except for two small details:

  • people rarely help other passengers in the Parisian metro (I know, it sucks). That’s Hint number 1.
  • computer equipment… has a nice little resell value. Hint number 2.

You get it: the next thing my friend knows, the guy flees with the suitcase.

That sucks.

Imagine for a second the kind of call my friend had to make to Jake’s owner:

“Hey how are you? There’s one thing I need to tell you. Jake is gone.”

“What do you mean ‘he is gone’ ”?

“Well you know, Jake was old… and he passed away this week end”

“… Will I be able to see him?”

“Well, that’s the thing: he is gone. Stolen. After he died. In a suitcase. In the metro.”

But I guess it’s ok. If you compare to Prince Charming’s surprise when he opened the suitcase.

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This Happened to Me

Life is made of stories.

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This Happened to Me

Life is made of stories.

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