Beat-boxing saves Lives

It’s not totally clear how this happened... but I was in a public restroom at an outdoor mall in Sacramento.

Then all the sudden this huge African American dude (at least 3 times my size) walks up to me and says “WTF is your problem little man!”

Seriously, no joke.

My mind went blank into a state of nothingness. I had no fear, nor was I confident............ just nothingness. Just a state of nothing matters right now and this is my life and omg this isnt really happening right now.

So I did the only thing that a normal 21 year old in a bathroom about to get his ass handed to him would do....

I beat-box’d

Ten seconds passed by and I own’d that beat so hard. Like... hard.

Dude had no idea what was happening. And as soon as I knew it, dude was dancing and I just kept going.

About a minute later with the biggest smile on this guy’s face, he gave me the biggest bro-hug in the history of bro hugs!

I walked out of the bathroom safely and unharmed.