Boxer Larry Holmes Threatened Me

Interning on Late Night with Conan O’Brien during their second season on the air meant I was exposed to many “firsts.” It was the first time I had to track down nude photos of someone (a guest who had appeared in Playboy). It was the first time a celebrity flirted with me (she thought I was a segment producer, not an intern). And it was definitely the first time a champion boxer threatened me. See, I was supposed to get a karaoke laser disc for boxer Larry Holmes to sing along to, like a late night infomercial. Well, the one i brought back didn’t have English subtitles, only Japanese. Larry was mad - he thought I was trying to make him look stupid - but once we ran through the skit I was let off the hook. You see, everyone realized it was funnier to have Japanese characters scrolling along the bottom of the screen while Larry sang the classics. Instead of a punch, I got a hug.

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