Get Your F**king Shovel!

There is no substitute for doing the work.

I have always seen the world through a business-filter. It’s just in my DNA. When I was little, it would start snowing and my first thought wasn’t about making snow-angels, or sledding. I’d look my little sister in the face and say “get your fucking shovel, we’re going to work.” I was pumped because I knew that I could shovel driveways and make cash.

See, as funny as that may sound, and as cute as it is to tell that story, there is a really simple underlying fact that so many people miss:

I was ready to put in the work.

People who know me know I’m not obsessed with scale. I like putting in the work. I like getting the dirt under my fingernails. I’m proud of it, and more importantly, I feel like this aspect is being seriously undervalued.

We’re living though a period right now where we have a lot of very smart people looking at math, and analytics, and efficiencies. I think those are all great things to take pride in, but I also think you need to put in the work, and fortunately, that is something that has always come very easily to me.

You can call out all the best business opportunities you want, but the bottom line is that nobody ever got paid to make snow-angels.

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