How Behance gave us the world and took it back in an instant

As the story goes, one day, Justin Bieber tweeted an Instagram picture to his followers. As a direct result of that, Instagram got about 25000 new users. That is pretty amazing - promotion by celebrities always helps. Now, Musicfellas is no Instagram (yet) and Behance is no Justin Bieber. But, we have a similar story, albeit with a cruel turn.

Behance - the place where designers and creatives hang out, tweeted about us to their 500000+ followers:

Original tweet by Behance

Now, any founder would be super happy to have such a reputed company tweet about their startup. It is even more relevant to us because Behance is one of those places where our typical user hangs out at. But, then what’s the problem?

The problem is that they tweeted out the wrong link! Here is what that link points to:

For a moment, I couldn't understand what happened there. Did we just get hacked? Or did they get hacked?

On further investigation (we are talking James Bond here, aren’t we?), it turns out that it is the same link from their previous tweet:

I wondered how that could have happened. A Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V mistake, maybe? We’ve all made some of those ourselves.

Such a heartbreak. Sigh!

What do we do next? Reply to their tweets of course hoping one of their social-media team members would post the correct link.

Trying to get their attention
Feeling sad

Nothing happened. No reply. No correction. That tweet is still there and we haven’t heard from the team yet.

You may ask that why are we creating such a big deal out of it? Well, frankly, because it is. We are a young startup trying to find our footing in the highly competitive music industry. And the independent music industry at that. People have said all along that music startups are doomed to fail. But, we are stubborn SOBs. We are crazy passionate about music and are trying to build a good company to help independent artists. And we've been working super hard to achieve that.

Our team has put in a lot of painstaking hours to make sure that every small detail in the design is proper. We've been rewarded as well - getting featured by Design experts in their curated lists. So, no complaints with Behance at all. But, this could have been our moment, when we cross over to the mainstream instead of lurking on the sidelines as yet another startup. Or at the least we could have got some feedback from some totally awesome designers. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

This just feels bad. It feels as if someone gave us a candy and then punched us in the stomach (and of course took back the candy). Actually, it feels much, much worse.

This sucks!

Update:The good guys at Behance sent us an apology over email AND sent out a new tweet with the correct link :)

Ashton, May 24 02:58 pm (EDT):
So sorry about that! All fixed!