How Does it Feel to Make the Front Page of Hacker News?

And have 50+ people a minute read your blog post.

Neil S W Murray
Sep 23, 2013 · 3 min read

Next time you find yourself scrolling down your Twitter feed or checking Facebook for the umpteenth time instead of completing that task you need to get done, do yourself a favour, turn off your laptop, pack up your stuff and……………JUST GO HOME”.

Judging by the reaction this message certainly appeared to strike a chord with people.

  • Had 25,000+ read it
  • Been shared 300+ times across Social Networks
  • Been translated into Japanese
  • Been featured on the Medium front page

The Elation

30 minutes after posting it received a couple of up-votes.

The Ego

After the initial feeling of humbleness, the monster in me came out.

The Comedown

The initial elation started to dissipate, as my post slowly started moving down the HN front page.

The Reflection

This stage is ongoing, although my intention is for it to conclude with this post.

This Happened to Me

Life is made of stories.

Thanks to Max Tatton-Brown.

    Neil S W Murray

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    This Happened to Me

    Life is made of stories.