Wiki commons: timothy titus

This morning, hungry and scanning my TweetDeck for news, I happened across this tweet from Gary Vaynerchuk, and replied.

Now I don’t know Gary, but he seems like a stand-up guy, so I sent him my address and got back to work.

Just about an hour elapsed when the door to my apartment buzzed.

I checked my spyhole…

Cautiously opening the door I was met with a smiling face and a box of eggs. Lots of eggs. And there were more to come…

Yep, in total I received 20 dozen eggs. That’s 240 eggs for the mathematically challenged.

Now I like eggs, I eat 3 in the morning for breakfast. But even still, these would last me just shy of 3 months.

So I hope my neighbors like eggs!

Update: Here’s a video of me getting the eggs.

Update 2: I decided to offer the excess eggs to my neighbors. It seems the offer was appreciated.

Senior editor, @Circa.

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