I broke my girlfriend’s nose

One day, after a week of working non-stop, my girlfriend took me to this fancy spa in Palo Alto where you rent a private room with a jacuzzi and relax.

We had just gotten there and were adjusting to the hot tub. I bent over to dip my head in the water, for some reason, whilst standing up, and when I went to straighten, rather quickly, she happened to be bending over me in such a way that the back of my head smacked into her face. Hard.

It made a cracking sound that I can still hear. She went limp, and I had to catch her, as she nearly passed out in the tub. And then her nose started to bleed. A lot.

She was still conscious but in a lot of pain. I had clearly broken her nose. (Maybe worse?) We were wet, naked, and bloody. In a fancy spa in Palo Alto. Awkward.

I picked up the phone to call the front desk and, panicking, asked them to call paramedics...or, something? (Perhaps I thought it was more serious. I didn’t know.) They came. It’s fuzzy, but I remember intense guilt and embarrassment. We avoided the ambulance charge, and I ended up taking her to the emergency room myself. Later, she had to have her nose rebroken to set it straight, which made me just feel worse. She always looked different after that, but she was more interesting-looking, actually (she agreed).

Later, we stopped dating.