Testicular Cancer

It really wasn’t a big deal. I think my family made a bigger deal of it than I did.

It was my fourth year at the University, and at the time my parents weren’t speaking to me, and my running scholarship was recently pulled and split between three new freshmen.

I was getting married in three months, to my first wife.

I had no health insurance and my annual salary was still in the four digit range. Luckily I shared rent with four others, shelling out $189 a month, sharing a bedroom with a good friend.

So one day...

I went to school clinic requesting to have my “shoulder checked out.” The doctor checked it out and said I should just take some Advil. I then prompted that one of my nuts didn’t feel right. You know, doc, my testicle.

“Okay, drop your pants and let’s have a look” he responds.

He has a feel around... “this isn’t good.” He then begins to recommend another place I should see to.

I go to this other place. The immediate conclusion was that it was indeed cancer. But just to be sure. I was referred to another clinic due to the lack of insurance.

I went to this new place. Same thing, but this time confirmed after some lab tests. Still though, due to no insurance, I was required to get a fourth opinion.

Same results.

Months later I received medical aid from the city after filling out mounds of paper work. Not to mention I had a pretty solid limp in my step by this point.

My parents some how found out. Likely my sister telling them. Although I don’t remember telling my sister. Maybe it was my roommates.


I received a phone call from my mom. It was super strange. But I suppose healthy after not hearing her voice for a few years.

A few short weeks afterward I went in for the scheduled procedure from apparently one of the best Oncologist in Northern California. I don’t know how that happened. It must be good living in the Capitol city when your Governor is an Actor. Still more likely, just a coincidence and I got lucky.

Anyway, the procedure began. It finished. All is well. I’m still a man. Mostly.

At least enough to impress my new love of my life (Erin) and make the best kid ever (Agent)!

Thanks for listening.