The End Of An Era.

RIP (2002 - 2012)

Back in December 2012 I chose to close down the blog I maintained for ten years. That decision didn’t come easy. Those who have been following my blog the last years must have seen the lack of activity. I’d like to take a moment of your time and explain to you why.

You see, meant the world to me, so in that sense, you do too. My blog always allowed me to feel like a kid. Playing, asking questions, and creating freely. I have sacrificed jobs, weekends & friendships, to unconsciously build what would over time become a household name in the blogosphere. Going in this direction allowed me to live off what I love to do.

From the moment I started blogging, 11 years ago, the blog served as my way of connecting, sharing and helping others. Most of all, the blog was a reflection of me, more so than anything I’ve ever done. The warm reception over the last few years by people all over the world has overwhelmed me with gratitude. All I can say is, this has been an incredible adventure. Numbers aside, the resounding words are: Thank you.

Since I grew into an adult (some may disagree), the desire to share has remained, but the world around me changed. I was able to start a new business together with the help of super skilled people, I found myself really enjoying the process of building a team. Now, Present Plus is the place that gives me the opportunity to explore different creative outlets. It made me rethink the purpose of the blog and simply bloggin’ isn’t enough anymore.

‘Present Plus’ is a term that was coined a few years ago to define a new tense or moment in time that is somewhere between the present (now) and the future. A fundamental thought when founding our company. It’s about a point in time that the internet, the cloud, and technology has made possible. Technology allows people to obtain information and products faster and simpler than ever before, creating a point where the future is always within reach. As a design driven company, we wanted to be a part of this movement.

We wanted to help shape it as well. So, we began developing products to achieve this end, such as Kuvva and WeTransfer. Our video series One Minute Wonders tells the story of others doing the same. People who inspire us to reach further.

The icing on top is a heavy dose of interactivity, accessibility and innovation in our newly formed Gallery 33. The launch of the gallery was a real big step out of the online and into the offline world. Some may say it was a ridiculous thing to do in the midst of recession austerity, but because our focus is going to be on interaction and affordability, as well as accessible art, we believe we have something new to offer. I bet you can guess these are exciting times.

The interactions we’ve shared over these past few years is really special. I love hearing your stories and learning how has impacted you. Remember, you’ve had a huge positive impact on me.

Meanwhile, if you are curious to what I’m up to, you can keep track of me via Twitter.