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The Light Within — A Professional Context

musings of a professional

It is the light within, hiding deep beneath our skin

It holds our destiny, shapes our lives

It strikes more often than we realize

It brings us to extremes more often than we like

It makes us low and high, losers and winners, it is the light within.

It takes us far and beyond, below and under

It turns impossible into possible, possible into impossible

It drives us to excellence, leaves us doomed, it is the light within.

It propels us to achieve the unachievable, drowns us in mere existence

It transports us to heights of happiness, and wells of sorrow

It cultivates completeness, and shoves us to hollowness, it is the light within.

It is the light within that has no shades, so we must decide..

To become an optimist, or wind the pessimist fire

To push the boundaries, or be contained

To explore the unexplored, or be lost in self doubt

To let in the breeze of change, or breathe stale air

So, shine bright or become a shadow, pick a shade of the light within.

Take the path where the light itself wants to go

Don’t listen to the world as it only tells you to bow

Pick the road that is tiring and slow

Find a niche that makes you star of the show

Polish qualities that none other can grow

Shine among people who care to know

Sparkle in brilliance, hard for anyone else to glow.

Find no other use of the light within, for it is the light within that makes you win!